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7 Charming Southern Ontario's Small Towns To Visit This Summer

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Exploring Ontario: A Look at the Top Small Towns.

By: HomeFindss Editors


Southern Ontario is home to many charming small towns, each offering unique attractions Gear up for your next vacation, from ski resorts to the 1000 Islands, the province of Ontario is a great destination for those looking to explore and discover new places. Below, we'll look at some of the top small towns in Ontario and what makes them special.

Ontario is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada. However, it is not just the big cities that make Ontario a great place to visit. Ontario also has some of the most charming small towns that are perfect for exploring. We take a look at some of the best small towns Ontario has to offer. From quaint little villages to bustling small cities, we will explore the many unique charms of Ontario's small towns. Therefore, if you are looking for a great travel destination, look no further than one or all of these 7 Charming Southern Ontario's Small Towns.

1. Blue Mountain Village in Collingwood

Blue Mountain Village in Collingwood

Offers visitors a beautiful alpine village setting with plenty of boutique shopping, recreational activities like skiing/snowboarding, and local dining experiences. It's one of the most popular destinations in Canada for winter sports enthusiasts. Visit Blue Mountain

2. Niagra

Niagara Wine region

Niagra Vineyards

Locally known as wine county, Niagara is perhaps one of the most iconic destinations in all of Canada. However, there are many smaller towns surrounding it that offer their own unique charms such as quaint B&Bs, wineries, and award-winning restaurants. Visit Niagra

3. Kingston

 things to do in Kingston ontario

Kingston ON

Kingston has always been known as 'The Limestone City' for its history as well as for James Cameron’s silent film depicting life at Fort Henry. As well as being home to Queen's University and Royal Military College soldiers, Kingston also provides lots of cultural events throughout the year including performances from renowned jazz musicians, and let's not forget about those classic Apple Fritters! Visit Kingston

4. Stratford

visit Stratford ontario

Stratford, ON

Stratford is another popular destination known for more than just its world-class theatre performances (which makes it quite possibly Canada's cultural capital). Beyond Poet Laureate Edmund Spenser's beloved birthplace lies numerous trails near riverside parks plus sights like The Avon Theatre which recalls early decades in British cinema! Visit Stratford

5. Ottawa

visit Ottawa ontario

Parliament Hill

Ottawa looks out onto scenic rivers flowing into an urban center prepared to host everything from festivals to professional sports teams, making it ideal simultaneously for families and professionals alike. Home to Parliament Hill considered ‘the cradle of democracy’ since 1866 alongside other iconic buildings like Rideau Hall, Ottawa isn't called ‘The Capital Of Cool' without reason. Visit Ottawa

6. Muskoka

visit Muskoka

Muskoka contains cottage playgrounds where you can find beaches and lakes lined with colorful Adirondack chairs plus tons of local shops nearby providing souvenirs that symbolize your time spent here. Be sure to take something back home so you can always remember your trip fondly later on down the road! Visit Muskoka

7. 1000 Islands

visit  1000 Islands ontario

The 1000 Islands are located along the US-Canada border with over 20 quaint villages located on both sides of the border; boating around these picturesque islands is a great way to explore this area's natural beauty. Enjoy what 1000 Islands has to offer, from cruising down the river on the cruise ships or enjoying the weekend at a hidden cottage, 1000 Islands has you spoilt for choice. Visit 1000 Islands

Ontario is full of great small towns that offer unique experiences and attractions. Whether you are looking for adventure, culture or simply a nice place to relax, there is something for everyone in Ontario's top small towns. So go ahead and explore all the wonderful destinations Ontario has to offer. Start planning your trip today!


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