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Transform Your Bedroom for Fall: Quick and Easy Refresh Tips

Updated: Mar 28

Refresh + Redesign

By: HomeFindss Editors


As the days grow shorter and the leaves begin to turn, it's time to give your bedroom a quick and easy refresh for the fall season. With just a few simple decorating tips, you can transform your bedroom into a cozy, autumn-inspired haven. From colours and accessories to bedding and lighting, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in no time. So, grab your favourite pumpkin spice latte and get ready to give your bedroom a cozy fall makeover.

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Fall bedroom refresh for a cozy atmosphere

It's finally fall, and we are all in the mood to spruce up our bedroom with a cozy refresh! A home refresh is a great way to create an inviting atmosphere for the upcoming colder months. In the case of the bedroom, start by refreshing your mattress if need be, get a new mattress protector or topper, and change the bedding for an instant pick-me-up. Repaint your walls in warm colours such as cream, taupe, greige, dark navy blue, or soft sage green – all of which work great in creating a peaceful bedroom setting. Layer up different textures such as cashmere throws and linen duvets for extra comfort during the colder months.

fall bedroom inspo, fall bedroom, autum bedroom, modern rustic bedroom, modern farmhouse bed,

Update old lamps with warmer light bulbs that will help create a cozy ambiance throughout the evening hours. Go ahead and create an inviting seating area by stacking plush pillows on any chairs and sofas if any in the bedroom. This provides additional warmth when lounging around on fall evenings!

Go ahead and upgrade those curtains by replacing them with thicker ones that will keep out cold air from windows better than sheer fabric rods usually do. Adorn nightstands with small plants or flowers to give those areas some life without taking up too much space from other furniture pieces you already have in the room! Lastly, add some pleasing scents through essential oil diffusers, candles, or natural fragrances like incense sticks, which can be incredibly calming during autumn nights.

fall bedroom inspo, fall bedroom, autum bedroom, modern rustic bedroom, modern farmhouse bed,

From changing the bedding and repainting the walls to adding scents and lighting, the possibilities of creating the perfect fall atmosphere are endless! Now is the time to start making those small adjustments and give your bedroom a quick refresh for autumn. So, take these tips and make it happen; you'll be glad that you did!

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