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Infusing Elegance and Grandeur into Your Home with Neoclassical Design

Updated: Mar 24

Return to Formality: Bringing Elegance and Grandeur into Your Home

By: Mwihaki Turay

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Neoclassical interior design, with its roots in the grandeur of ancient Greece and Rome, is the epitome of elegance and sophistication. If you're aiming to infuse a sense of formal elegance into your home, incorporating elements of this timeless design style can create an ambiance of refined grandeur.

Neoclassical living room Design

Neo classical living room


One of the defining characteristics of neoclassical design is its colour palette. Dominated by pale hues, whites, and creams, these colours instill a sense of airy elegance into space, providing a serene backdrop to the sophisticated elements of the design.

Neo classical living room


Much emphasis is placed on decoration in the classical style, which serves as a reflection of the owner's wealth and status. In such a home, you can expect to find luxurious silk curtains, antique statues, paintings by great masters, and other exhibits that are now only on display in museums.

Neo classical living room

Neo classical hallaway

In this respect, Neoclassicism is more democratic. Decorations of various kinds can be found here, and modern canvases are frequently hung on the walls. However, the interior harmony principle limits the number of such elements.

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To augment the luxurious feel of your neoclassical interior, consider integrating metallic or textural elements. Lighting fixtures, sculptures, or artwork boasting bronze or metallic finishes can impart a subtle opulence to the space, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

Neo classical living room

In terms of decorative accessories, materials like marble, bronze, and crystal are quintessential to the neoclassical style. These materials, with their timeless and luxurious qualities, can elevate the overall aesthetic, further enhancing the sense of grandeur.

Neo classical living room


When selecting fabrics for a neoclassical interior, velvet is a top choice. Its luxurious texture and visual appeal add a layer of sophistication, while its softness invites comfort. Silky fabrics can also be incorporated to heighten the sense of opulence and refinement.

If you're seeking a balance between style and practicality, consider incorporating FibreGuard fabrics into your neoclassical design. These fabrics are easy to clean, durable, and resistant to discoloration from direct sunlight. They are an ideal choice for preserving the elegance and grandeur of your neoclassical design while offering practicality for everyday use.

Neo classical living room fabrics

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Infusing your home with neoclassical elements can create an environment of timeless elegance and formal grandeur. By meticulously curating the colour palette, integrating luxurious materials, and selecting the right fabrics, you can transform your space into a testament of refined sophistication that will impress and inspire.


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