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8 Best Artificial Christmas Trees To Put Up in 2023

Updated: Jan 7

Editors at HomeFindss have chosen the best faux Christmas trees to buy right now, ranging from pre-lit options to hyperrealistic options.

By: HomeFindss Editors


This year, we've curated a list of the best artificial Christmas trees, including 15 eco-friendly options. These artificial alternatives are not only stylish but also come pre-decorated or prelit, making them a more sustainable choice for those looking for a lifelike tree that can be used year after year. There are several stylish options on this list that will add a festive touch to your space.

How we put the best artificial Christmas trees to the test

When purchasing a tree, details are key, factors like size, stands, cost, color, lighting, fullness, fluffing, skirts, and storage are factors to consider while choosing trees that excel well from season to season. Below are 10 picked trees to buy this year.


7.5' Queen Flock® Artificial Christmas Tree Unlit 7.5' from King of Christmas

7.5' Queen Flock

A realistic-looking 7.5 feet tall, it’s an average size but still looks bushy and full, giving you plenty of branches to hang your decorations and lights. It comes in three sections, making it easier to put together and (more importantly) store, as well as a metal stand.

  • Dimensions: 7.5ft

  • Prelit: No

  • Material: Synthetic fibers

9ft artificial full spruce tree

  • Dimensions: 9t

  • Prelit: No

  • Material: Synthetic fibers

  • Dimensions: 6.5t

  • Prelit: Yes

  • Material: Synthetic fibers

7.5ft Green Fir Artificial Christmas Tree


  • Dimensions: 7.5t

  • Prelit: No

  • Material: Synthetic fibers

"Dense, richly textured branches sweep upward and feature a light, fluffy flocking that resembles a fresh layer of flakes" - GRANDINROAD


  • Pre-lit with clear warm incandescent mini-lights (six strands among three sections for 7-1/2'; 10 strands among four sections for 9' tree)

  • Realistic faux pine lightly flocked Christmas tree

  • Dense, full, layered profile

  • Pre-lit; incandescent mini-lights

  • Upswept branches, Noble tips

  • Commercial-quality, replaceable bulbs

  • Simple assembly; attach sections, fluff, and plugin

  • 5' lead cord

"The abundant, down-swept tips, broader profile, and hundreds of warm white lights on our Woodside Artificial Christmas Tree make it an ideal main tree."- GRANDINROAD


  • Classic evergreen of lifelike PVC and polyethylene on sturdy, hinged metal branches

  • Tree sits securely in the included metal stand

  • Fluff and style tree after unpacking, gently adjusting branches and needles for the full look you desire

  • 60" electrical cord

  • Lights are replaceable

  • Extra full artificial Christmas tree

  • Larger & extremely lush-looking

  • Pre-lit with up to 1200 mini lights

  • Quick-connect pole for easy setup

  • Some assembly

"The tree recreates the look of an Alaskan Pine filled with pre-lit branches, masterfully created from molds of natural cuttings and carefully arranged for maximum density, then dusted with faux snow. The full branches and hinged construction ensure continued durability over the years." -FRONTGATE


  • Frosted Canterbury Fir 7-1/2 ft. Tree (178557):

  • 1,200 lights, 67" dia

  • 66 lbs.

  • Frosted Canterbury Fir 9 ft. Tree (178569)

  • 1,500 lights

  • 80" dia

  • 108 lbs.

Douglas Fir Slim Profile Tree by Frontgate

Douglas Fir Slim Profile Tree

"True-to-life Douglas Tree replicates the lush beauty of the Pacific Northwest's famed firs. A traditional A-frame look in a slim profile, with needles that completely encircle each branch. Easy one-cord assembly in under 3 minutes." - FRONTGATE


  • Douglas Fir 7-1/2' Slim Profile Tree with Stand (164807): 650 lights, 46" dia., 51 lbs.

  • Douglas Fir 9' Slim Profile Tree with Stand (167469): 800 lights, 54" dia., 57 lbs.

  • Douglas Fir 10' Slim Profile Tree with Stand (164810): 1,200 lights, 58" dia., 73 lbs.

  • Douglas Fir 12' Slim Profile Tree with Stand (164812): 1,600 lights, 66" dia., 106 lbs.


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